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Maintenance of Timber Window Joinery

Re-painting and Repairing


Maintenance of Timber Window Joinery


Timber window joinery requires regular maintenance to maintain weathertightness and ease of use. One of the easiest maintenance tasks you can undertake is to regularly wash down joinery . If the paint surface is badly degraded (chaulky , blistered / bubbled paintwork/ bare timber ) window frames and sashes will need to be carefully sanded back and repainted with a quality three coat paint system with last coat preferably in full gloss enamel.

Before re-painting check for the following defects and repair as necessary before commencing repainting

  • Cracked or damaged putty :if cracked /damaged dig out and replace with new putty .Prime and paint
  • Cracked or broken window panes : replace any cracked or broken windows – re-putty to sash; usually done by specialist Glazier
  • Rotting timber in frames or sashes : If there is any rot in the windows this will need to be removed and repaired , primed and repainted .In severe cases frame or sash may need to be removed and repaired by window specialist
  • Rusty Hinges /Damaged broken Latches : Any damage or rusty hinges or latches will need to be replaced. Check there is a good clearance around window sashes that allows for easy opening and closing of window . If sash is binding it will need planing down , priming and painting before re-hinging.

Double Hung Sash Windows ( Normally seen on older Villas ) :

  • Check cords and counterweights are in working order and pulleys at top of window are running smoothly .If cords are broken or weights have dropped off cords and you don’t know how to fix contact a window repair specialist.
  • Sticking sashes – can be caused by build-up of multiple coats of paint , or warped /swollen sashes .remove coats of paint , plane sashes to fit to window frames , prime and paint as required.