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Summer Maintenance tips



Summer Maintenance tips


Now that summer is finally upon us and the days are longer it is a good time to get on top of general home maintenance to ensure your dwelling stays in good condition.

Also with holidays coming up and a lot of houses remaining vacant for a week or two it is important to ensure there will be no problems while you are away from your home .

Here are a few tips to help ensure your property stays in good condition over the summer break:

1 . Inspect the exterior of the home:
Softwash home if necessary and repair /touch-up any chipped or faded paintwork. Check all doors and windows to ensure they have remained weathertight and are all opening and closing easily.

2. Check roof and gutters:
If roof is too high to safely access use a pair of binoculars to ensure roof is all secure and there are no signs off loose roofing, cracked tiles or rusted flashings etc (especially around chimneys and vent pipes ). Check gutters are all clear-remove leafs and debris and ensure there are no leaking joins in gutters or any damaged downpipes.

Any problems with roof and gutters always get qualified tradespeople to repair.

3. Driveways and Decks / Fences:
Clean away any moss / dirt /lichen from driveways patios paths and decks . If timber decking is in poor condition replace where necessary and clean and re-coat .Check fences for any loose posts or rails – replace or repair where necessary.

4. Gardens /grounds :
Trim away any overhanging or loose branches close to house , along with removing any tree branches that may have been damaged over winter .

5. Subfloor /foundations :
If there is access to subfloor check there are no leaking pipes under home and subfloor is dry and clear of any debris

6. Water tanks and Septic tanks /Pumps:
If your home is on a septic tank system check it has been cleaned out and serviced within last three years , or to system installers recommendations . Check pump and piping to water tanks for leaks or signs of damage – check and change filters if necessary.

7. Interior of home:
Check all lights and powerpoints and smoke alarms with good batteries are working , check around hot water cylinder for any leaks or obvious defects, and also check all plumbing for visual signs of leaks or damage .

Water is one of the biggest causes of damage to unoccupied homes during holiday periods so it is important to ensure plumbing is all ok

Engage registered electrician or plumber to fix any defects .

8. Security:
Most importantly ensure all locks , catches deadbolts etc are fitted and appropriate for all exterior doors and windows , and any security alarms are in good working order to ensure your valuable asset is secure.